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Time: 5:45 AM
Location: Houston Intercontinental, waiting in line
Status: Very Tired

This week has gone by in a bit of a blur… After spending most of the preceding weeks mostly sleeping, eating, and playing Katamari Damachi, I rushed into packing everything I could conceivably need (and as it turns out, many things I didn’t) into the car. Stopped by my Grandparent’s and my Aunt’s for a last minute family visit, and then headed to Houston on Thursday morning. I thought, hey, the plane leaves on Monday… I have plenty of time!

Except it was scheduled for Saturday. Whoops! So after a whir of packing, shopping for last minute business attire, and all the little things like that, I wound up at the airport this morning with approximately 2 hours of sleep and what was sure to be overweight baggage.

See, the thing about fitting your life into 2 suitcases and 2 carry ons is, you can’t do it. Seriously. Ignoring the fact that I’m a girl, which entails that my shoes must match, not only in color, but in style hence calling for several hundred pairs, I am also, among other things, a pack rat. I keep everything. You never know when you’ll need it, right? And of course, I can’t be without it. Then there are all the sentimental knickknacks… boxes, pictures, guitar picks… I mean, these things are essential! Who knows when I’m going to need to learn guitar, and hey! I’ll have a pick to do it! (Please note this is sarcasm.) But the point is, I have a LOT OF STUFF. So my suitcases (or one at least) was overweight.

I planned for that, and mom was right behind me with a bag brought just for the purpose of throwing “unnecessary” stuff into it to be shipped later, along with my winter clothes. I didn’t mention that did I? Back to not being able to fit a lifetime of clothes and stuff onto a single plane; I’ll be shipping winter clothes, etc.

Once we were ushered through checking in and security, the whole Houston JET group of 64 boarded the plane for the 3-ish hour flight to Detroit.

I bought a postcard here. I have to start my postcard collection all over again, after all! There are fake trees all over the airport which I find kind of odd, but the airport is big and nice. No internet, but we can’t all be perfect. Also, WOW the plane is huge! I’ve never been on a double-decker before! Exiting! Hopefully I sleep the whole way!

I still have a few hours before boarding, and a whopping 14(-ish) before getting into Narita Int’l, and then doubtless a few more to get and send off luggage, load a bus for Tokyo, and actually get there. I’ll try to update again from the hotel in a day or two.

Meanwhile, I’ll be staying in the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, one of the main stations on the Yamanote line that circles Tokyo. Hopefully we get in with enough time to explore a bit before jet lag kicks in too badly.

Well, that’s about it… see you again on the other side of the world!

(P.S: Pictures will come in their own post.

P.P.S: If you’d like a postcard from Tokyo, send me your Address to my email (JDaniel265 [@] gmail [.] com). I’ll be sending a big mass email to everyone sometime this week for those who I have email addresses for, but if you want a physical postcard, lemme know now!)