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I finally have my camera cord, so before I start the post about getting to Gunma and my apartment, I’ll catch up on the pictures I haven’t been posting! (Click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The giant plane I rode in on… dun du du duuuuun!

An advertisement for a festival in our hotel: those are completely made of paper!

The food machines I love so much… just put in your money, click the picture of what you want, and take the ticket to the counter. No language needed!

A nice view of Shinjuku at night.

My morning cup of tea and some money, woo!

A sea of skyscrapers from my hotel room window; the building on the side is a government building.

A bunch of Gunma JETs after a night out on the town!

Me in front of another advertisement at the hotel…

And last but not least, our “Gun Bus” to take us to Gunma, lol!

So there you go! I’ll have to wait on the Gunma post for a bit… time to go open a bank account and get a cell phone!