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My first*, and I actually felt it!

Earthquake Information (Information about Seismic Intensity at each site)
Issued at 13:07 JST 08 Aug 2008

Occurred at (JST): 12:57 JST 08 Aug 2008
Latitude (degree): 35.7N
Longitude (degree): 139.5E
Depth: 40km
Magnitude: 4.5

Just a “one” in Fujioka, I woke up and noticed a vague shaking, but figured it was probably my imagination, until I read the news. I feel vindicated in being exited about it since there have been no damage reports and no-one hurt; the epicenter was near Tokyo and was around a 4. It was just a little welcome shake!

Randomly, I also learned today what Fujioka means… Fuji means “wisteria flower” and Oka is “hill”, so Fujioka-shi means something like “City of the Wisteria Hill”. And it makes sense; there are TONS of wisteria vines around town, though I’ve only seen one meager flower so far. Next spring, living here is going to be spectacular!

*Alright, fine, first that I remember.