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What you’ve all been waiting for… but first! My address!


Jessica Daniel
Gunma-ken Fujioka-shi Fujioka 23-1
Greenhaimu Shiroyama 306

So, to start off, my apartment building. There is a reason the place is called “Greenhaime”! And I think I’ve already mentioned the Buddhist temple and graveyard across the street. They ring the gong at 5 or 6 pm everyday depending on the season.

My very green apartment building.

The cemetery (is that what its called when its Buddhist?) in the rain

I’m up on the third floor between a random guy who works nights, and Kenji. Scott’s on the same floor, as will be Shauna whenever she gets here. Keis is down one floor to the right, and Ken will be in the room under Shauna. One big happy family, awwww (ha!) Anyway, my entrance:

The door that cardboard and tape ensure I will not receive mail through D:

And looking at it. Places for shoes, keys, umbrella’s and fans. And a nice welcome sign that say “please come in.” Don’t be fooled, I don’t mean it (j/k)

Moving along.

A rather dark shot of the entrance. The door on the left leads to…

Half of my bathroom. Specifically, my washer, which is a breeze to use (no dryer, that’s what balconies are for), a sink, and to the left of that…

My bath/shower area. I just figured out how to use the actual stand-under-this-to-shower this week (”so THAT’s what that peg is for!”). The bath is more complicated than the washer, which is unacceptable.

To the right, we have the…. yes, you guessed it. Conveniently labeled even, cause my apartment is totally big enough to misplace the toilet in. Yes, that was sarcasm. Yes, I find my labeled toilet amusing. I wonder if it was necessary for the previous resident?

My toilet, just to prove Japan can have normal appliances occasionally.

That’s enough of my toilet, on to the kitchen and balcony! OH WAIT I FORGOT A ROOM! Um, nevermind, we turn to my front room, which triples as closet, computer room, and dirty clothes hamper. That’s what it looks like now, anyway… at this point it was actually clean!

I’ve decided this will be my “home” room, so I have lots of pictures and home-type-stuff up on the walls. And christmas lights. Yay!

As you can see, there is a fan. They originally had my futon in this room, but it took only about 3 hours of tossing and turning in the heat to realize sleeping in the room with the air conditioner might be a better bet. I’ve never looked back!

NOW its time for the kitchen!

The kitchen table! I have a plant on there now.

Another dark shot of the kitchen. I need cupboards. And pots and pans. Actually, I could use the majority of kitchen supplies. I buy one spoon at a time; maybe by this time next year I’ll attempt to actually cook something!

Looking back toward the door

Out on the balcony/dryer. I need to get a chair and a grill and I’ll be all set!

Got those plants in the previous picture from Amy btw… yay free plants! Also, my screen is broken. Boo.

Right then, on to my favorite room in the house… the cool one! (Yes, I realize the fact that my favorite room in my apartment is the one with my normal enemy, the air conditioner, comes as a bit of a shock to most people who know me, but you’ve never experienced the horror that is Japan’s lack of central cooling. They boil and they like it!) Anyway, I sleep here. That thing in the corner is actually a couch, but aside from the first day, it has never actually been used as such.

That long thingy hanging up is what I bought at the Gunma festival.

You can’t really see my DVD player in this picture, but it is one of my most prized possessions. It plays everything!

Aaaaaand looking back toward the door.

I’m really proud of that room… I cleaned it today! First time since I slept in it!

Exiting, right? RIGHT? Okay, not really. Its a nice little apartment, though, I rather like it! What I don’t like is the 3986873496430782 things I wish I’d been able to bring from home for it. The brown walls where I sleep are getting on my nerves…. guess that’s a good excuse to buy more wall hangings!