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This past Saturday, Kenji, Shauna and I went hiking up in the mountains on this gorgeous trail to the West of Fujioka (I think?) All three of us went a bit camera happy, but it was great to get out on a day that the constant rain we’ve been having finally stalled for a bit!

And the camera comes out already… pictures on the drive there. SO GREEN!

We stopped at a rest station for pictures, and I ran and got the pretty river rapids. They looked mighty inviting by the end of things…

Making it to the trail, a picture of all the different birds in the area for Mary.

This picture is entitled, “Smile upon us that we may not fall and die on the journey ahead!” aka “awww, he’s cute!”

The start. Banzai!

So, we went up.

And stopped to take photos.

And then up some more

Had a brief rest, then sucked it up and went the rest of the way. Whew!

Almost there! The mountains of Gunma that we couldn’t really see.

Finally, the view!

A tiny offering shrine at the very top

And the larger building that went with it a little below.

We signed a rather soggy guestbook

And went down a few steps, where we saw a marker. It was around 1200 steps to the top, so up and down was about 2400 overall.

After that, we grabbed some lunch from a kaitenzushi place, or conveyor belt sushi. It is literally the best thing ever. Basically, the plates come rotating around and you grab what you want. And of course, you can also order specific things, which come out for you on its own special little shinkansen track. Oh, my god! I love Japan.

Pictures just don’t do it justice, so…

Look! A video for your viewing pleasure! Be jealous. No awesome can compete.

Anyway, after that was a bit of shopping, and then the Isesaki matsuri which will have its own special entry, because this one is getting a bit long. Yay!

BTW, some of Kenji’s pictures I grabbed from him later:

Me and Shauna

Cool forest denizen