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So, fireworks after Kaitenzushi (this is still last Saturday we’re talking about…)! Isesaki Matsuri’s are supposed to be one of the best. Due to the trains however, we missed a good half of the show. At the same time, in Japan, that is still a significant amount of time to watch!

I tried to take a few pictures, but they were all pretty bad for the most part. My camera doesn’t take great night shots on the best of days, and that night it was very smoky and made it even harder for it to focus. I did get a few I rather like, however.

Kenji using Shawna as a tripod XD

The effects of this one aren’t bad

The end of the show looked like this, except it filled up like twice the amount of sky as this pictures. I couldn’t get a good one because by that time I couldn’t move without stepping on someone.

Kenji also took a few pictures, so here are some of those!

Shauna and I on the train

And much better pictures of more fireworks!

And finally a video:

After we grabbed some fried chicken (Karaage: good stuff) and rode the train back home, the three of us visited Kenji’s Japanese teacher and her family. First off, sensei’s awesome… she offered to teach me and Shauna Japanese for free as long as we talk to the baby in English when we’re here and teach him as he grows up.

That will be a total hardship. He’s only amazingly sweet and adorable. Anyway, so we stayed for awhile, then went to meet sensei’s daughter at a karaoke place… where we proceeded to sing until 4 in the morning.

Me and Kenji, and me and Shauna!


Most of the group

The funniest guy ever… he was the most energetic through the entire night… until he literally crashed 15 minutes before we left and went to sleep! Apparently he’s known for that…

Anyway, so a late night meant waking up for the 1 o’clock Taiko concert on Sunday was a bit difficult. We dragged ourselves out of bed, ran to the combini to pick up a quick bite, then headed to the Fujioka hall where it was taking place.

Taiko was amazing though! I know 4 or 5 of the people in Taiko, so it was fun to try and pick them out on stage. Sometimes it was easy; Ken, of course, is really obvious being blond. Scott and Brandt are pretty obvious too; Naomi to a lesser extent. Mayu was a bit hard to spot at times though, but I did manage a few pictures!

The really nice curtain-thing on stage before the concert started

I had a lot of fun taking photos, as the colors were constantly changing! I like this pose especially!

Drum war

One of the biggest drums in Gunma

The view from outside!

Aaaaand, a video of my favorite song that the junior group did. It looks like twice as work because of all the moves, but also twice as fun! I wanna learn to do this one please!

Monday was the first day of school officially, so I’ll update later about that!