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Before I get to the post of what I did this weekend, I just have a few fun and random things to post about! This post will be all over the place, sorry; next will be more concise.

First off, I go to play basketball a few times a month in Saitama with my fellow JETs. Practice times are always a bit random so it isn’t constant exercise, which I could probably use at this point, but it is a lot of fun and we interact a lot with the other Japanese members. We communicate well, though it is generally pretty unorganized!

Goofing off after practice

This is only a portion of the group, as people often skip dates…

Last but not least, a video of us really goofing off after practice… Kenji often brings his kendo sticks to practice with Brandt if he’s there, so we normally mess around with those for a bit after a few games!

Yeah, dorky.

Next up are a picture and video of the koto class at Nishi. I’ve been volunteered to play with the girls in their cultural festival at the end of August, which is fine except I can play one tiny song rather badly and that is it, but I wont be coming to all the club practices either. Once you get roped into a club, they expect you to be there every morning, evening, and weekends. I’m thinking about hanging out with the basketball club as well, though I’ll be drifting a bit. Anyway, koto is fun, so we’ll see what happens!


My watch! I told you I’d post pictures… man this thing comes in handy, it is definitely a purchase I don’t regret!

Hee hee hee hee hee ❤

Riku! He seems like he’s grown since the last pictures of him… is he getting cuter? Maybe!


Last Friday I asked permission to go with Shauna to her Yochien, or kindergarden, to help her out and meet the kids. We made manju, or sweet bean paste buns, and it was tons of fun. I hope I can go back, the kids are adorable!

Mmmm, manju!

This is a cute picture… Shauna showing the kids her camera. They all had to have head scarves and aprons! Hee hee!

Making the manju…

After that it was lesson time. We played Duck-Duck-Goose for awhile to let the kids run their energy out, and then went over the ABC’s, a few colors and shapes, and a few weather words with them for awhile. Then it was time for alphabet soup, where we throw everything in the middle and ask the kids to find it. That lasted about an hour, and then it was lunch time.

Alphabet soup

Lunch time is a huge production… their bento lunches have to be laid out just so, tea has to be served to everyone, then everyone sings a few songs before eating. The sensei’s normally eat in the teacher’s room, but Shauna and I ate with the kids this time. We had the most amazing curry and rice and a few other dishes… a ton of food and it was SO good! I’m never tired of curry!

Lunchtime peace signs abounded Xd

The cool thing is, the kid’s moms make the most amazing lunches… this one is done to the theme of Totoro, from a Miyazaki animation film called “My Neighbor Totoro” or “Tonari no Totoro”. If you get a chance to watch it, it is adorable… just like her lunch!

Alright, that’s it for the random post. On to this past weekend!