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Not this past weekend but the one before, we had a Halloween party on Saturday for one of Kenji’s English schools, so we trick-or-treated with the kids then had yummy food afterward.

Chiyoko-sensei runs the English school, and Kenji teaches her son and his friends English, so we got ourselves invited to help out… which wasn’t helping much and more enjoying the day. It was hot, and she had set up a course to various homes and businesses willing to participate. Japan doesn’t have Halloween per se, though you certainly see a lot of the Halloween decorations this time of year…

Anyway, so, the Halloween party was a bit early. But there was cornbread, and the kids were adorable in their costumes! I had devil horns and a tail, which the kids got a kick out of! I don’t have too many pictures, but here is a cute one:

Trick or Treat!

Speaking of Halloween, I’ve been doing Halloween lessons at school lately. In general, they’ve been really fun, though there are things I definitely need to tweak for next year. Teaching the holidays is fun, because I generally get a lot of free rein on what activities I do!

On Sunday, we went to an archery festival at a nearby shrine that had a demonstration of traditional horseback archery. It was a really cool event! We biked there, and on the way found this beautiful flower field, so we had fun taking pictures!

It was a beautiful day…

Awww, Shauna!

The place is very crowded, but it was a good event… Kenji and Ken got some really great pictures; I was a bit too short to get good ones, but it was fun to watch and cheer when they made it!

The poor pony at the start of the ceremony… lots of stuff on its back! It didn’t look terribly happy about it…

The opening of the ceremony, with the official guy being walked through the process… he actually made it! It was really cool…

Coming back for another round…

The torii gates at the end

And a video… it was hard to get good pictures because they went so fast! The reflexes and skill they must have in order to hit the target moving is really neat!

After that, we weren’t ready to go home, so we went in the opposite direction, up a hill, onto a raised path. Got some fun fall pictures of the fields and the persimmon trees, and then hit the train tracks. No train came while we were goofing off so no cool train pictures, but we had fun taking pictures and messing around!

These persimmon trees are everywhere, and loaded with fruit… I have to watch my head sometimes!


The train tracks continue off into the distance…

The Fujioka-shi Chuugakkou ALTs, woo! I really like this picture. Also, my head looks like its on fire in this picture!

At that point we decided to bike home and for dinner. Altogether, it was a beautiful day!

Lastly, a few pictures of Fujioka nearing night… I felt like stopping by the park on my way home from school one night and had fun messing around!

The view from a lookout-thingy at the top of the mountain

And another view in another direction…

This might’ve been a cool picture if it hadn’t turned out blurry… very Halloween-esqe!

So that was last last weekend, pictures of this past weekend will be up soon!