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This past Tuesday was Gunma Day and therefore a holiday for all the kids at school. It also so happens that people from Gunma get discounts at places like Disney Land since, hey, it’s a holiday here anyway!

Couple that with Kenji’s ECC school taking a trip to Disney Land and needing a few ALT’s to work on the bus, and you get a very exited group! So I got to go to Disney Land free with Kenji and Shauna, and also got paid 5000 yen which went toward a very ridiculous hat I’ll talk about in a bit.

The oooonly drawback was that we had to be there around 6am, which meant a grand total of about 4 hours sleep from the night before. It was hard to be genki when you’re dragging, but we managed. We played bingo with the kids on the way there and messed with them a bit, which was fun. About half the kids already knew Kenji, and me and Shauna were hits with the others, so it was a good bus ride!

We decided to go to Disney Sea instead of Disney Land, since a) it would be super crowded at Disney Land and b) Kenji had gone before but wanted to check out Disney Sea. Shauna and I were down with that, and it turned out to be a good decision… the park wasn’t too crowded, especially compared to the other.

Kids on the bus

Disney Sea! Yay!

Our picture right when we got there

It was a beautiful day… sunny with no clouds, a nice breeze but not too cold, and we got there right when the park opened, so we grabbed some fast passes first thing and went to find a place to eat breakfast, which turned out to be these really cool gyoza rolls that I’d never seen before. Yum!

While we waited for our fast passes to go into effect for the Volcano ride, we ran over to Ariel’s grotto and had a fun time being 2 years old in the kids section… probably a combination of all of us being really tired, and truly just being dorky all on our own XD

Some pretty flowers

Shauna and I

The Sea theme showing up

Kenji’s new friend in Ariel’s grotto

Shauna tries on the most ridiculous, adorable outfit in the history of mankind. We both decided then and there we were getting hats like that later.

The middle of the park, which was a 20000 leagues under the sea theme

After that, it was lunch and then riding a few more rides here and there. We had curry in the Arabian themed area, and it turned out to be really good! We also rode the carousel and took some fun pictures as well.

A bunch minnies with a micky on the side! SO CUTE!

Kenji took this one!

Shauna! I love the background here!

At one point, we were all so tired, we camped out on a bench and took a cat nap for a few minutes. Then it was off again for more rides and site-seeing. There weren’t that many rides, but the few there were were fun!

This one was a long wait and wasn’t quite worth it, but it looked really cool. You can never fault Disney for skimping on the details!

The Mayan temple; this ride was fun too!

We ate a snack on the giant ocean-liner ship they had, and took some fun pictures up on top of it! Sun was in our eyes so it was a bit difficult to smile without the sunglasses!

Shauna was happy because it was right by the sea and she could smell the salt. It was a good breeze! You can totally see the smog from Tokyo though…

Then it was off to get our hats and take a tour around the park by boat!

I absolutely love mine! Hee!

Awww, I really like this picture!

It was really pretty at night

Kenji’s favorite part was the boat you could go inside and explore!

One last dorky hat picture!

We were SO exhausted and ready to go home by the end of things. The bus back was loud and rowdy and the kids were bratty, and morning came early… but it was a really fun trip!

I DO wish there had been more rides, but apparently there is a really fun theme park in Saitama with lots of rides, so we’re making plans to go to that sometime later to get our adrenaline fixes!

School was fine this week, if a bit odd with the schedule being changed around because of the holiday. This Monday is a holiday too, so we’re making plans for Sunday on our three day weekend. I’ll post again soon!