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Two weekends ago (well, three if you count this one), Kenji* and I went to Tokyo to go to Design Festa and also to meet Andrew and Alan who were visiting from the States. It turned out to be a really fun trip, and I can’t wait for the next Design Festa!

Our first order of business upon arriving was to visit one of the old shopping streets next to the train tracks from Ueno station and get the best Doner Kabob’s EVER from this place:

They were amazing. I had one and 2/3’s, which for those who know me is ALOT of food and something I normally wouldn’t ever be able to finish. SO GOOD. We spent some time looking around the shops there, and then we went to Ikebukuro to visit the (supposedly) longest escalator in the world.

Yes, it was as exiting as it sounds! Really! So fun I rode it twice! Except not so much.

Right. Looked around there, then went to an Irish pub next to the place. Tried a real Guinness and actually liked it, then decided Ikebukuro was pretty boring over all and Shinjuku, on the whole, was much better. So we packed up and went to Shinjuku.

One thing about Japan is that after Halloween the Christmas lights were up, like, the next day. Pretty though!

Shopped around a bit, had a really nice dinner, then headed to Shibuya to find a cheap hotel to stay the night.

Next morning we went and got something simple for breakfast, then headed to Odaiba to meet up with Andrew and Alan. While we were waiting for them, we went to a car show-room thingy and (sorta) drove the car around the track… or at least pretended to, since it was automated, and also looked around in one of the most lavish shopping centers I’ve ever seen.

A view of Odaiba

Driving! Sorta!

The fountain inside the shopping mall. Yeah.

Finally met up with Andrew and Alan and their Japanese friend, then went for ramen and dessert for lunch. Went our separate ways, then Kenji and I headed off to Design Festa.

Andrew modeling his Suica card before we left.

So! Design Festa! Its in Odaiba at a place called “Tokyo Big Sight” (worst name ever, or at least so I thought until this weekend…) which is, as the name might imply, huge. Basically, anyone who can front the money can rent a booth/have a performance and show off their art, which means two floors and several thousand booths of art, art, art. It was really cool to see all the different type of people there. I was hoping to get some cool posters and stuff to cover my bare walls, but all the art I liked were only in postcard sizes. Kenji managed to find some cool pieces, though. I think I’ll just frame the postcards and hopefully when Design Festa is next held in March I can find some good stuff. After looking around as much as we could, we had a quick ride on the Ferris Wheel and then headed off to meet Kenji’s cousin who lives in (near) Tokyo, and to get one last Doner Kabob in Ueno before leaving Tokyo.

Tokyo Big Site

Ferris Wheels are fun!

Kenji’s cousin is really sweet and fun, but didn’t have much time to spend with us, so hopefully on the next Tokyo trip we can do some fun things together! After that we were both pretty tired, so we headed home. Another successful weekend, despite the lack of pictures!

*For any parental types, yes, new boyfriend. No, we are not getting married next month. Chill. (MOM!)