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Recently we had our JET GREENHAIME Thanksgiving party, where we were able to eat turkey and other yummy foods! Everyone worked really hard, and we invited quite a number of people to it!

About a week before, Scott and Brandt experimented making a huge oven for the Turkey at Naomi’s house. We stopped by to watch for a little bit.

Adding concrete to the base of it

Much discussion about it

And of course, I get bored and find Naomi’s kitty, P-suke to spend time with!

Kenji mentions it looks a bit like a bath… that there is no way he would fit in! Sorry Ken-chan!

Brief look at Naomi’s lovely house in the rain!

Fast forward a week for the oven to dry, the moments of truth!

Shauna had decided to go to Osaka that weekend, so it was me, Ken, Kenji, and Keisuke for a brief amount of time, Scott, Naomi and Brandt of course, then we invited a few people from Taiko, Daniel, Chiyoko-sensei and she brought her son and his three friends with her, and we also invited Hiro, our bartender, and his friend. It was a decent crowd.

In addition to turkey, we also had Kenji’s mashed potatoes, I made salad and cookies, Scott made gravy and stuffing and found some cranberry sauce as well, so we had a really good meal!

The spread; it was amazing!

A close-up of the Turkey

Scott on the phone with his giant cup of cranberry can sauce!

A tasty meal. Plates were cleaned and leftovers were… well, there wasn’t much turkey left. Tons of mashed potatoes and salad, so we had that for awhile, and Kenji made a turkey-base soup with the bones. Food, yummy!

The boy’s make fun of Kenji’s “Women of Hawai’i” calendar!

Then they found Kenji and Scott’s DS’s, so they were playing those for most of the night. I’m lucky enough to get them at Nishi for a few months when they start Junior High in the Spring! Or maybe lucky them, hehehe…

Our favorite bartender and his friend came to try an authentic American meal and didn’t forget the American alcohol. Having a bartender as a friend means you’re always taken care of!

The whole group together!

I got lucky to get some extra classes to do Thanksgiving lessons with my second and third graders, so I had them making hand turkeys and write what they were thankful for on the back of them. The kids went all out on them, and I even received one from my speech contest kid, Ryumi. She’s a sweetheart!