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So, Shauna’s birthday! Her actual birthday was a weekday, so we just went out for dinner and spent some time with other friends. She had planned her party for the weekend after on a Saturday, but unknowingly another JET had already planned hers, so a lot of people couldn’t make it. It ended up being me and Shauna, and the rest were aaaaalll guys. It was hilarious!

Shauna’s b-day present from me and Kenji: Kapibara-san, her favorite character! I’m glad she liked them!

The rest of the night was fun, but I wont go into it. Here’s a picture of inside Shauna’s fridge and on top of it to get an idea of what happens when everyone you invite decides to bring alcohol. Think I’ll leave the night at that, too.


…and on top. Riiiight.

I think the rest of that weekend we relaxed and did things around Fujioka to try to recover! At one point, Kenji and I went to the new shopping mall that opened in Isesaki as well, called “Smark”. Yeah, I don’t know… Japan and English is an interesting combination! Anyway, saw some fellow JETs there and ate with them, then came home and relaxed.

Also, at one point that weekend, we took a detour and took pictures of the sunset near a little river. Got some decent pictures, but I was wearing heels because it was a bit of a surprise, so I didn’t actually make it very far out onto the rock bed. Take great pictures, or break an ankle. Decisions, decisions…

Walking the river bed for the best picture…

The sunset in one direction…

And in the other.

Yeah, yeah, I try. At that point I was just sitting waiting for Kenji to finish!

Short post, just trying to catch up!