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Alrighty, first up was the Christmas stuff I did for my kids at Nishi and the Fujioka ECC Christmas party a few of us worked. For my kids, I did something different each grade. My ichinensei, because I hadn’t done any sort of artsy project for them yet, made Christmas cards. Of course, the fact that they’re ichinensei and not great at English plus the fact that they’re Japanese JHS kids meant that what should have been an easy “get-started and finish it at home if you don’t here” project means it took at least two lessons. Lucky my JTE was cool with that, so they were able to take two classes for them. I need to remember that art projects take forever…

Working diligently

Some of mine as examples

The class I remembered to bring my camera to when we finished

For my ninensei, we did a three-set activity… they had a listening game on Christmas in America, plus a “pin the ornament on the tree” sort of game, then the wordsearch for the extra time at the end. I forgot to bring my camera to class for that one, though, so no pics of that.

For the sannensei, we adapted my ninensei lesson, since the Christmas in America game was too simple for them. We did an extended ornament game and then just let them loose on the wordsearch. For all three grades it is amazing how absolutely silent the classes go. Makes me want to do them more often!

Anyway, I did bring my camera to the last sannensei class:

Santa Claus gets led by a classmate… the wrong way, because that’s funnier

Where does this one go…

Um. The ornament goes on the tree, guys…

The Wordsearch. Imagine absolute silence.

Two of my sannensei notice the camera and want a picture!

The daruma in one of my classes… I had to hide the laugh!

Next was the ECC party, which was four hours long plus dinner and an extra bonus at the end. It was fun, and definitely work. The kids were a big range of ages, but our games did pretty well:

My Mrs. Claus outfit…

Scott was a bling-bling santa!

Kenji and Brandt

Scaring the kids… XD

So those were the Christmas activities that took place those first few weeks in December!

Finally, one more picture… after the ECC Christmas party, Kenji and I went strait to the Christmas party at one of his Doctor’s friends houses. He teaches their two little girls, and went last year, so they invited the both of us this time. I had a great time, and it was a really amazing experience.

Apparently, everyone that goes can play an instrument, so even though they’d already had their “concert” for the night, we were treated to repeat performances of some really awesome traditional instruments, including the Vice President of the Biwa association, whose family has also dealt in kimonos for hundreds of years. I also met the two little girls and gave them a Christmas present, which they loved. They are so cute!

Me and the girls

Kenji got a video of the biwa player, so when I get his pictures of that I shall post it instead of linking to youtube.