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It is February already! Where has the year gone so far! I’m afraid nothing much has been happening since Kyoto two weeks ago. We went snowboarding again, but since the conditions were like this:

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…I didn’t even bother pulling out my camera during the day. I had enough trouble staying warm! HOWEVER, Brandt-sensei is wonderful and taught me how to snowboard! So now I’m shakily making J-turns and working on bending my knees the proper way but I’m actually doing it! HOW EXITING, RIGHT?! We’re probably planning another snowboard trip this Wednesday since it is a holiday, so hopefully conditions will be better for pictures! We went to Kagura in Niigata for the above pictures. We may finally stay in Gunma this week!

The Friday after Kyoto, Kenji went off to basketball while Ken, Shauna and I headed to Takasaki for a dinner party reunion at a Mexican restaurant. We basically filled the whole place, but it was SO nice to see Gunma friends again!

My margarita

Say “cheese”!

Shauna and Dean laughing it up!

Finally, recently the Turkish restaurant near the station had live music, so Ken, Kenji and I went to that to have some fun! The music was really good, and we had a lot of fun just talking and hanging out with some drinks and the hookah.

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Restaurant and Ken

The boys’ drinks


This weekend was spent hanging out and being lazy. It was a nice change!