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The day after we arrived back in Fujioka (Saturday) we headed out to Shinmachi to see sensei’s family at the Shinmachi Matsuri. The matsuri was a little early, as the Sakura weren’t at their peak, but it was still nice to not only see Riku and sensei, but to get back to Japanese food!

Lanterns and Sakura on a rather dreary day…

Riku and Shi-chan. I got udon after seeing her eat it, it looked so good!

Blossom beginnings

Stage set up

Roasted corn was just one of the many foods I had to snack on!

We didn’t stay for very long. Usually (according to everyone else anyway), the base opens up to visitors things like tanks and army gear to play with, try on, and crawl around in. However, with the threat of North Korea’s missile test, they were on alert and therefore not able to do so. So there wasn’t much more than food to have, and then we left.

On the way back, Kenji dropped me off at the train station to pick up my bike, which I’d left there over the break. On the way home while biking, I caught site of some brilliant yellow and purple flowers lining the train tracks, so I had to stop and take a picture! Other than that, the day was spent resting and cleaning and getting ready to go into work on Monday!

Tracks and flowers


Man, I LOVE spring!