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This is probably another long entry, but I’m trying to get everything up-to-date before I got to Iriomote on Okinawa tomorrow! I’m SUPER exited about it and know I’ll probably take 2847028937408923 pictures, so watch out for that in a week or two!

Anyway, two weekends ago, Kenji and I went up to our local park for the opening of the Fuji Festival. Fuji are wisteria, and planted EVERYWHERE around Fujioka. Not sure if the town was named because of this, or they were planted because the town was named after them… chicken and egg, I guess. Either way, it is a GORGEOUS time to be here!

When we went, they weren’t even near full bloom yet, but you can see the hint and promise of spectacular flowers to come! We decided to bike there, since it was a beautiful day, and took some pictures on the way:

Barbed wire and roof tiles at an abandoned house

The house and a flower popping up between the barbed wire

After huffing and puffing up the hill, some nice views of Fujioka!

Fuji Matsuri sign with the Fuji woman, Fujioka’s mascot-lady.

The main festival area, on Fuji-no-saku-oka. People were just starting to set up booths and the like

Kenji and Fuji!

Small trees beginning to bloom!

Those Fuji smell WONDERFUL I tell you! After we hung around the Fuji for a bit, we decided to do one of the hiking trails around the hill to get back into the practice of exercise! Right now the new leaves are showing, so everywhere you look is a lovely bright yellow-green color. Japanese has a color word for that, Moegi-iro, which means “New leaf color”. So we walked through some pretty trees to a look-out with a nice view, then even further to find a pretty pond, and then we came to the other side of the path and walked back! It was tiring, but nice! I miss hiking, I can’t wait to do it more often!

Some hazy views of the area

Walking through green

Bell and rock at a lookout area

Showing promise!

Back down again!

A nice, relaxing lake

Fall colors and spring flowers!

Next up is this most recent weekend!