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This past weekend was the JET Farewell Beer Garden in Takasaki, which I had been looking forward to for awhile to see everybody. The majority of the Gunma JETs were there so I had a great chance to see everyone, including a lot of people who were going to leave.

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The beer garden on top of a Takasaki department store; 2400 yen, all you can eat and drink for 4 hours. We got there right on time to make sure we got our money’s worth!

We went with a friend to karaoke afterwards, then took a taxi home.

Sunday was supposed to be a busy day, but it went through a lot of changes of plans! Recently, Kenji’s grandmother has been sick, so Kenji has been going the past few weekends to Kanagawa to see her. However, she’s been getting better, so his aunt asked him to come another weekend. He thinks she’s probably tired of all the people coming over all the time! So we thought a day trip to a closer place, like the Oze marshlands would be fun. It ended up that Kenji had a headache from the night before in the monring anyway, so we just relaxed and went out to a local park for a little while.

The park has places for BBQ and for swimming

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Gorgeous flowers!

The small waterfall

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More of the view

It wasn’t a very exiting weekend, but a nice one nevertheless! The rainy season is turning into full summer, so it is getting hotter. Hopefully we’ll go on some fun day trips next month!