The day we went to Mt. Ushibuse was also the day Mary arrived in Japan for a week to visit. It was a headache trying to deal with getting a phone as quickly as possible, but I at least was able to get one ordered and a temporary one for the week. Mary was scheduled to stay in Gunma for a few days, then we’d go to Tokyo together on Friday and stay the rest of the time there. I had Monday off, and would leave that afternoon. Mary’s flight was Wednesday morning.

We picked her up from Raran, where the airport bus drops off, and got her settled in, then ended up at kaitenzushi and later Anzu!

At Kappazushi


She came to Nishi with me Thursday for most of the day, and then we left for Tokyo after my Friday classes. Kenji came after his class and met us there. We found out hotel quickly, and set out to explore. Once Kenji got it, we headed into Shinjuku to eat and for karaoke!

Yakitori restaurant, yumm


Sleeping businessman. Think he’s okay? Oh wait, he just picked his nose. He’s fine, let’s go.

Exploring Amedori and Ueno the next day: kebab street!

Lake of plants and a biwa statue at the small shrine in the middle of the lake

We had to do swan boats!

Later we went to Asakusa

Posing and getting our fortunes

The bird pictures were interesting…

Looking at things from a different perspective!

Most of the weekend was just relaxing. It was Tricia’s birthday, so Saturday night we went clubbing out in Roppongi and stayed out for a lot of it, so the next day was lots of sleeping! Sunday Kenji had to go back as well, so we just stuck close to Shinjuku and that area until he had to leave. The next day Mary and I explored more around Tokyo, then I left in the afternoon.

Starbucks Sock Sheep

Mmmmm, cake!

Mary showing off her yukata we bought in Asakusa!

Harajuku and Meiji Jingu.

I think we hit most of the places we were interested in, and had a good time. It was too short though, and I wish we could have shown her around Gunma more! I’m so glad she was able to come, though! Next year again, right?