Last year in December, Kenji’s Kamisato class invited me to their end of the year party at an Italian restaurant, and I got to meet some wonderful people! This year they invited me along again, and this time we had amazing enkai-style food at a Japanese izakaya! We took the train to Kamisato, and one of Kenji’s students picked us up. We got to the restaurant a bit early, and waited eagerly for everyone to arrive so we could eat!

The izakaya in Kamisato, famous for different types of sake from around Japan… my kinda place!

It has its own small mikoshi!

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THE FOOD! So good!

The class plus one!

The group is really fun to talk with… we discussed everything from Japanese politics to English education to our last classes… the evening went by so fast! I’m so happy when I get to meet these guys!