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This month was my last elementary school classes at Kanna-sho and Midori-sho. When the kids go back to school in August for their second term, I’ll be moving to Higashi Junior High School, and Kenji will switch to Nishi and take over the elementary schools. I’m at once disappointed and relieved… I really like the elementary schools, but by the end of the day I had NO energy. I stopped playing basketball and stuff because of general exhaustion, so I’ll be glad to do that again!

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My last classes at Midori were with the 4th graders. We did feelings, and then I had them all pose for me at the end!

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The kids get a break between second and third period, so I went out to play with them and saw some of my 1st graders too! CUTE!

They wanted to take pictures too… they all had thumbs in them!

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My last Kanna classes were 2nd graders, and we didn’t have time after the Greetings lesson to take pictures. This is them doing “Fruits Basket”, rather similar to musical chairs! They had fun!

I had fun, guys! I’ll miss elementary!