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I’m SO excited for Fujioka Matsuri this weekend, I can’t wait to post! On Saturday, Me, Kenji, and the rest of the ALT’s will be joining our employers, the Fujioka Board of Education, in carrying the mikoshi, or portable shrine, during the festival. Mikoshi are different from the dashi I took pictures of at Onishi matsuri in that they are actually carried, not pulled.

I will probably be carrying lanterns either on top of the mikoshi or in front, but they guys get the pleasure of carrying it! This is the girl’s outfit:

Blue shirt, black pants and tabi, and a headwrap

Fujioka tenugui… not sure how we’re wearing this!

The happi coat!

On Sunday, we will be joining our neighborhood, icchoume, in pulling the neighborhood dashi like those in Onishi matsuri. I don’t have the outfit for that yet… I’ll post it when I know!