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This past weekend, Kenji and I took it easy and went to a local “park” in Fujioka. It isn’t a park in the normal sense, instead it is more of an arts-and-crafts park. You can make different sorts of pottery, blow glass, dye different things in a traditional indigo, make necklaces out of leather, and even weave baskets. It is a really cool place! We decided to make chawan, or traditional cups used to make green tea.

The pottery center

Inside the pottery room

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Our helper and our chawan. Some of the parts were a bit too hard for us, so he helped!

Creating the bottom

The finished-ish products, mine is on the left and Kenji’s on the right!

The giant oven

Weird and pretty bug! Blue with black polka dots, interesting!

We felt a little rushed, and it only took about 30 minutes to make them. I would have liked to perfect mine, but that’s okay… it isn’t supposed to be perfect!

We wont actually get them back for another month. They have to dry, and then be baked. After that, they will apply a glaze in the color we picked, then bake them again, and finally call us. The oven is HUGE so they let a lot of pieces accumulate before they heat it up. We’ll take another day to go up there to get them when we get back from the US, and maybe do another project at that time. I really want to try dying my own tenugui!