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Recently we had our city speech contest! It seems like just moments ago we had the last one… here are a few pictures!

Looooong program

Calling out the winners

The sannensei winners, two of the Nishi kids and one Higashi, one Ono made it this year

Kenji with the Nishi kids and me with Higashi kids!

Nishi did REALLY well this year, Higashi did okay. We had two ninensei and one sannensei win the excellent prizes, but no ichinensei. Higashi has more kids than Nishi, so I couldn’t schedule as many visits as I did at Nishi. I wish we’d had more time!

One weekend with nothing to do, Kenji and I just went bike riding wherever we felt like. We went along the river that borders Gunma and Saitama on both sides, and just enjoyed the day!

Fields, flowers, and fruit!

Harvesting the rice… we stopped to watch for awhile, because it was really interesting!

Also recently, Japan was hit by a typhoon. I think they don’t cause as much damage as hurricanes, although they did cause a lot of flooding. It came right over Gunma, and they canceled school for the kids but not the teachers. We just got some heavy rain, and then beautiful clear blue skies afterward!

Beautiful skies and mountains around Higashi

This was interesting… almost every single pomegranate in the tree had split from the wind!

A spider took shelter from the wind and rain

More ripened rice! Most of these fields are harvested by now…

All that water…

So pretty and clear!

The weather has been nice recently… getting colder, but still not bad! I’m still enjoying walking to school in the mornings!