Quick post about Higashi’s Bunkasai… it was very similar to Nishi’s, so I wont really talk about it. Here are some pictures:

Nice, clear, rather cold day, but at least no rain!

The band plays first

Then each class sings a class song and grade song, which they are judged on.


The highlight of the day, professional singers gave a performance… including one of my favorite songs, Shima Uta!

The video for Shima Uta

Lastly, the whole school gets together to sing a song. And then we went home.

I like it, but it gets really boring to hear the same songs over and over again, since each grade has one. Plus, they use the same songs between schools, so at least half of these I heard at Nishi’s Bunkasai last and this year. Sometimes I really wish I could cultivate the ability to sleep while sitting up….