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This is a random post of pictures from the past month or so. I’ve been bad about taking pictures, it is so cold I talk myself out of pulling out my camera most of the time these days! Also, we haven’t really been anywhere special lately. Just every week kinda the same stuff. Which is nice, though I miss traveling.

Kenji and I are still doing our pottery classes, and are hoping to start learning the pottery wheel next year. It is fun doing all the different styles, and most fun is painting, but now I have a ton of weird shaped cups and plates at home. Don’t know what to do with them… The second picture is from on the way there, the day was gorgeous with some beautiful fall colors!

Speaking of fall colors, there were some nice ones at Higashi this year, but we really didn’t get to see too many.

We went to Mishima Festival again this year, and got to see the last fireworks of the year. It was cold, but clear despite the earlier rain!

A bit random, but despite the cold my hibiscus seems to be doing fine! I was surprised… I’ve never seen it bloom more than one at a time, and I woke up one morning to two!

For the past few months I’ve been taking care of a sick kitten. It was at my apartment for awhile, then Scott and Naomi agreed to take care of it at their house for a little while until it could heal up and we could find a foster home. So we finally took it to Tokyo and spent the day there. A short trip, but worth it! I miss the kitten though!


Playing with a straw after getting all clean for the trip!

A few pictures Kenji took at different times

Walking around Asakusabashi after dropping him off. The ginkgo were really nice and bright!

The lights at Shinjuku were gorgeous again this year! We grabbed some krispy kreme on the way home. Yum!

Still going to my kimono class, and getting better every time! One time we went Shimizu-sensei made homemade udon! SO GOOD!

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Rolling out and cutting


Photobucket Photobucket
The finished product and other lovely things to eat!

Lastly, it has gotten really cold. My mornings are usually greeted with frost at some point: