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… haha. Okay, sorry about that. Here’s the rest of the Christmas pictures!

I got off school early to do a little cooking, cleaning, and wrapping, and then when it hit 5pm, we headed out to get our Christmas Cake and KFC for a “traditional” Japanese Christmas! Kenji made mashed potatoes, I took care of the salad, and voila! We had a great Christmas eve dinner! Exchanged presents… then went to bed early for work in the morning (awwww). Still, it was really nice!

KFC is ridiculous over Christmas, they really play it up. SO many people had pre-ordered their chicken. We grabbed our small box and got outta there… (I’m thinking “…no comment” I’m pretty sure!)

…with a giggle at the Santa Colonel Sanders on the way out!

Dinner… which got cold from taking a million pictures before hand!

We opened gifts and one of mine was…. MARU! THAT’S RIGHT! Maru has his own book, with a DVD! I happily watched an hour of a cat sliding into boxes. I have no regrets.

Finally, the amazing Christmas cake. SO GOOD.

So that was Christmas eve. The weekend following, Kenji and I decided to go see Avatar. But not at just any theater. We figured if we were going to pay the ridiculous rates Japanese theaters charge, we might as well make the best of it and go see it at the 3D IMAX… in Saitama. Faaaarrr away in Saitama. 2 hours driving, to be exact. But it ended up being TOTALLY COMPLETELY WORTH IT OMG. I don’t care what they say about Avatar’s plot, it is a gorgeous movie and I’d see it again in a heartbeat. The mall it was in was HUUUUUGE so we did some shopping, saw the movie, then took juuust a few pictures on the way out with the Where The Wild Things Are posters!

Lastly, pressies! Thanks mom and dad! Of course I had to arrange them nicely!

Dad’s including all the food he sent…

And mom’s without the food, since I haven’t gotten the other box yet.

Thank you guys!