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Our first snowboarding trip of the season! It had, apparently, been dumping snow up in Northern Gunma since Christmas, so we called up a few friends and attached ourselves to a group of basketball people (and Brandt and Mizuki) who were going up on the Saturday after New Years. Actually we had just come back the night before from Saitama, so were pretty tired, but still stoked about boarding!

The continuous snow meant a LOT of powder, but it also meant fewer pictures because, well let’s face it, I’d rather keep my hands in my gloves! So the actual snowboarding pictures will come later in the season, and meanwhile I have a few from before and after:

Driving into snow, and hitting traffic of course, since it was still a holiday.

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The sun tries to peak through but….

Caetla snow resort. It is pretty small overall, so I got bored with it kinda early. But the whole park wasn’t open yet either, since it is still early.

I deviated from my normal curry and got tempura instead. Yum, maitake, my favorite mushroom! And Naka-Pi’s GIANT snowcone of rice!

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Afterward we went to an onsen with a great bath and an even better view to relax. Then… hit terrible traffic on the way home, which put everyone in a bad mood, but ramen cured that.

Altogether despite the traffic, it was a great first trip! I’ll take more actual boarding pictures during later trips, promise!