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It is rare we go snowboarding again so quickly after the first time, but since we had the opportunity, we didn’t want to miss it! We decided to go to Norn in Minakami this time. I had never been, but Kenji had been before. It is still in Gunma, but a liiiiitle bit more north than Caetla. Despite that, and the snow on the way up, it was mostly sunny for the morning, with a few intervals of snow in the afternoon.

We could tell the difference just two extra days make with snow appearing much earlier in the drive than the time before.

Norn is right off the highway, and we got some nice pictures driving up!

More pics, I especially like the tree ones!

I still didn’t take many boarding pictures, sorrryyyy! But here is us on the lift at least!

And the obligatory “views from the chairlift with lines down the middle”

Few more!

Kenji’s giant ice cream… I don’t know how he eats ice cream in winter!

Maybe another trip this weekend, I’m getting better every time I go!