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Another Gunma place, this one that none of us have ever gone to before. It is new Caetla, and I really liked it, despite it being on the small side! They have one especially long run, which is always fun, and the powder was pretty awesome despite the fact that I can’t snowboard through powder to save my life! But if I’m going to fall, I’d rather fall in the powder!

Ogna’s the first place I’ve been where you take a bus from the parking lot, but really we could have walked, since it wasn’t that far.

Kenji and Brandt excited for the first run!

Brandt, Buchou, and snowboards!

Nice scenery from the lift!

Our usual group went; that is, me, Kenji, Brandt and Mizuki, and Katsu. We also met “Buchou” there too. I honestly don’t know his real name, “buchou” just means section leader. He’s kinda considered the “buchou” of the basketball club, hence his name. I got a chance to chat with him more on the lift, which is nice because usually during basketball I don’t have a chance to chat a ton with anyone in Japanese. We also got only a half day ticket, until 1pm, since we usually end up leaving a little after two. I guess they wanted an early day of it, but it was a little confusing with what to do about lunch. I knew I needed to eat, so I took a break and grabbed some food… but then Kenji and Katsu came in for lunch, while the rest still were boarding. It was fun though!

Some videos, finally!

Kenji didn’t realize the camera was on video mode, but I actually think this is really pretty! We’re on the lift…

This video is long, so just fast-forward to about the last five seconds. Best. Video. I’ve ever taken. POOF!

Lastly, we came home, went to onsen, ate sushi and then to karaoke, and finally crashed. Awesome day!