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We were invited to Tokyo Disney Land with a few friends from our basketball group for April 18th. I have been to Tokyo Disney Sea, but I hadn’t been to Land yet (despite them all being pretty much the same!), so I was really excited to go!

We met 7 other people in Honjo 30 minutes away from Fujioka at 6:30, and then headed to Tokyo. I slept pretty much the whole way (hey, it was early!) and luckily Katsu was cool with driving!

Kenji in the car, and Sakura in the background!

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In the parking lot! I love Sayaka’s ear pins!

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The castle and a group shot! It was the Easter celebration, not that anyone really knows what Easter is here!

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We grabbed Fastpasses for Splash Mountain (first pic) for the group, then didn’t want to get stuck in a line, so road a few of the smaller attractions like the train that goes around the river, and the riverboat. After Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain (second pic!) was on the list!

We managed to catch the parade before lunch, then headed to the main rides!

Obligatory pose with the castle

We rode Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain (sensing a theme here?!), The Haunted Mansion, and a few smaller rides. We grabbed turkey legs, popcorn, churros, and an ice cream and ended our very healthy day (haha!) with waffles:

In the shape of Mickey’s face. They were GOOD!

We left around 5pm to beat the crowds, and headed home. We didn’t get to ride everything since it was pretty crowded, but we caught the main and most fun rides, and so I was satisfied… and so was my stomach! Expensive food, but I love all the snacks!

One of my favorite things about Disney Land or Sea in Japan is everyone, and I mean everyone, wears mickey hats or minnie ears or cheshire cat headbands, or….it is like the thing to do there! So I finally got to wear my Minnie Ear Hat alllllll day, to Kenji’s amusement! I was happy 🙂

This weekend we leave for our Thailand and Cambodia trip for two weeks, so I will be posting pictures of that when I get back!