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I am finally getting into gear and posting these! Took me awhile, huh?

We left Japan on April 24th for Thailand pretty late in the day, taking the bus at around 1pm. Our flight left around six, and it was about a six hour flight to Bangkok. Since we were getting in very late at night, and would be leaving for Siem Reap, Cambodia the next day, we booked a hotel close to the airport for the night and didn’t bother with Bangkok at that time.

Our plane in the sunset

Kenji and the two sake bottles for the flight we bought before leaving

Our basic hotel room

Three types of money! We would have collected 4 different currencies by the end: yen, of course, dollars and riel for Cambodia, and baht for Thailand.

View in the morning

Statue in the airport in Thailand

We woke up and went for our free breakfast, checked out, and got back to the airport. The flight to Siem Reap is quick, but very expensive due to a monopoly by Bangkok Airways. But the money was worth not having to deal with 6 hours on a bus, and the numerous border scams that we would have run into.

We were picked up at the airport by a car and dropped off at our hotel called the Hanuman Alaya. I was really happy with this hotel, it was gorgeous, the pool was great, and the food as well. We checked in, grabbed some food from the restaurant and relaxed by the pool for a bit, then got ready to get our tickets for the temples.

There is a deal where if you buy your ticket for the next day, you can go ahead in to see the sunset. So we grabbed 3 day passes, and then our tuktuk driver drove us out to Phnom Bakheng, which is considered THE site for sunsets. I actually wasn’t really impressed, and there were a ton of people. We elected to call it a day and go back down the trail before it got dark enough to be dangerous, and went back to the hotel for dinner.

Siem Reap airport

Our hotel’s pool as seen from the restaurant/2nd story


Bedroom and inside the hotel’s lobby

Relaxing by the pool

Tuktuk driver and getting our ticket

Up the path and the very steep steps of Phnom Bakheng

Sunset, Angkor Wat can be seen from the middle picture

Kenji and monks

Elephants on the way down

So that was our first two days. The next few days were dedicated to the temples.