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I’m not going to go over every single temple we visited, because there are simply too many and to be honest… I don’t remember all the names. I could look them up, but that would get boring anyway. So I’ll just go through a couple of the highlights.

We decided on our first full day in Siem Reap to NOT get up before dawn to see the sunrise over Angkor. Just not dedicated enough I suppose! We got up early, just not at 4:30 am, and grabbed breakfast before heading toward the temples to start the day. For those who know anything about Angkor, there are two “circuits” to do, the small and the big. We started with the small, so we hit Angkor Thom at the gate, then explored the various temples within, and headed through a bunch of others including Ta Prohm, where the famous “Tomb Raider” scenes were filmed. We ate lunch, then finished the small circuit ending with Angkor Wat itself tired and overheated. When we went back, we rested for several hours to recover!


Gates of Angkor Thom and passing all the tuk tuk drivers on the other side

Just filling in!

Heads were everywhere!

Reliefs, statues, and tents of people in the first temple we stopped at within Angkor Thom

I climbed up to the library for a good picture, and Kenji gets eaten by a lion.

Finishing up at the first and moving onto the second temple, currently under construction

All the climbing was exhausting… a group of hawkers thankfully not focused on us for once


Nagas and tombs and Asparas oh my!

I was smart to get a picture of the name of this one!

This one was tiny; we had a lot of fun climbing and singing the Indiana Jones theme song…

Through my sunglasses

More climbing at Ta Keo… the top was hit by lightning during construction so it was abandoned for Angkor Thom.

The famous Ta Prohm… we had gotten good at taking pictures like it was deserted, but actually there was quite the crowd!

The famous tree too!

Finally Angkor Wat

The climb to the top was steep and intense and the view decent, but the best part was the breeze at the top!

It was nice!

We went down, home, rested, ate dinner at the hotel again, and then walked around a bit before just deciding to get to bed early to prepare for the next day!

We… also didn’t go see the sunrise on Day 2. Actually, we were feeling tired so we got to a bit of a late morning start (well, 9). We hit the “big circuit” sites this day, and ended pretty early even after seeing one of the far-flung temples, so we went home after and cleaned up, then hit Siem Reap downtown for dinner and to look around the market.

**will update with day 2 pictures later**