Last entry was getting long so I figured I’d make a new one instead! Day two, again, we didn’t see the sunrise over Angkor. Guess we just aren’t hardcore enough! We had another awesome hotel breakfast, then headed out to the big circuit temples. The first one we got to was nice and quiet, with no one there and no one bothering us trying to sell us goods.

A few giant trees with roots everywhere covered this temple, called Preah Palilay. It is actually in Angkor Thom, but we missed it the previous day so we decided to start with it!

Preah Khan

Preah Khan was next, and unfortunately at this point Kenji’s stomach was really bothering him, so we went through it quickly. It was a very nice temple, with almost greek-style columns and some nice carvings and trees. It was also very uncrowded, however at the end of the temple as we walked to our tuktuk, three very annoying sellers decided to mob us and constantly bother us to buy their things. Considering we had by the gotten about a million offers for stuff, we ignored them, but they followed us for a good 5 minutes. At the end, when we made it to our tuktuk, the women selling scarves made this “tchk” sound, as if annoyed. Excuse me, YOU are annoyed we didn’t buy your crappy scarves? Who has been bothered for the past 5 freaking minutes by your “Ladee you want scarf? one for dollar” over and over?! Not to mention the two kids under our feet trying to sell postcards and bracelets and who knows what else?

After that I was annoyed with anyone who got close to sell me things. I would have considered buying something, but after that woman and her behavior, I decided not to bother. I think most tourists would have bought something just to get rid of her, but that only encourages that kind of behavior, and I will not be bullied into buying something I don’t want.

Shopping in Cambodia really sucked though, because you can’t show interest or barely even glance at something, without people jumping up to tell you the price and follow you around. It is so stressful! Half the time I just gave up; if they would have backed off I probably would have bought a lot more. I really preferred Thailand because of this; people bargain and try to sell you stuff, but they aren’t so desperate about it.

Anyway, more temples of the day!

Neak Pean

Ta Som, with a beautiful tree in the back and the most non-pushy salespeople we passed that day!

Eastern Mebon, which was probably my favorite of the day with the elephant statues and a large, open layout

Banteay Samre, a temple a bit further out that had a really interesting layout.

Last but not least, Pre Rup, with a gorgeous breeze, steep steps, and an end to another day of temples, temples, temples!

It was early, but we decided to go back to the hotel for a rest. We did the pool thing, showered, had a massage, and then caught our tuktuk into town for dinner. We ate at an awesome Mexican restaurant which Kenji had seen in the guidebook, and we also looked around town and the shops a bit, including stopping at a place called Artisans d’Angkor, which lets you tour workshops, bought some souvenirs, etc.

Headed home and went to sleep!