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I have ONE MORE post for the trip after this. I am usually much better at uploading/posting, but I’ve been half lazy half busy lately! Sorry about that!

Anyway, Phnom Penh. From Krong Koh Kong, we took the bus back and got there and settled into a nice hotel called The Pavilion. It is pretty central to everything, which is nice, but the weather just felt so hot and oppressive we didn’t actually see a ton. We were going to do a walking tour for our one full day in the city and just kinda petered out because of the heat. We did see a few things, though! We were also able to see some friends of ours from Japan who have moved to PP, and went to dinner with them one night, but Kenji has those pics so I’ll have to get them from him.

Yum, good food (although expensive) on the riverfront.

The palace the next morning. We got there almost when they opened, and already it was burning up.

Faded murals, architecture, and a stupa

A very pretty flower, and the weirdest flower bush/tree/thing I have ever seen…

Statue at one of the museums we saw that came from Koh Ker.

Colonial French style architecture is still very prominent, if becoming quite decrepit… and another random Wat

We got someone to take us out to the Russian Market, but it was closing. We looked around a bit then came back.

The next morning we slept in before our flight back to Bangkok. Overall we didn’t do much at all in Phnom Penh. It also isn’t the prettiest city… there is seriously trash everywhere. I’m glad we didn’t spend longer there, though it was great to see our friends!

Next up, Bangkok, a city that I COULD see myself living in one day!