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This year has been a cold one. Winter seemed to linger through April and May, which meant that the wisteria came a bit later this year than last. This worked out, however, as we were in Thailand for the usual season. This was my first year to see them in all their glory!

When we got back I had taken an extra day off of work to recover, and besides cleaning and relaxing, I went out to take a look at the Fuji in the part near the apartment:


Standing underneath the trellises was wonderful! These flowers smell heavenly!

The next weekend was not too late, so Kenji and I went up to where the Fuji Festival is held every year. The festival itself was over, but since the blossoms lingered so did a lot of the food stands. Festival-style food is my favorite!

Purple, white, red… so pretty!

Then we went to Tsuchi-to-Hi-no-Sato park, where we do our pottery stuff. We actually hadn’t had a chance to go in almost 5 months, and we were able to pick up some things we had made, and for Kenji to finally finish a bowl he had done before we stopped going. We decided to keep doing the pottery, this time the electric wheels, but not that day.

Driving back, more Fuji, then we stopped in at Scott and Naomi’s to check in on Ibuki-chan. She just keeps getting cuter!

I love driving on a beautiful day!

We had fun stopping various places along the way

And more fuji

And last but not least, Miss Saya Ibuki, who is now almost the cutest baby in the world, second only to my brand new niece Makaira!