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Before I started packing, I took pictures of my apartment as it was, so I’ll share those here. I liked my apartment… I’m going to miss it!

Entrance way and entrance hallway. I have onigawara (the demon roof tile) and shisa from okinawa displayed here, plus a Fujioka map just in case I need to check where to go. The tenugui on the walls change when I feel bored with them!

Left into my powder/shower room. The new house has running water so I wont need to crank up the bath every time I want hot water! This is also, obviously, my laundry room.

Toilet. That spigot doubles as a sink, which is a pretty good idea!

This is my closet room. It was originally the bedroom, but I spent three hours there my very first night in this apartment tossing and turning in the heat before getting up and moving my futon into the air-conditioned living room. I never looked back. Also, wow I have a lot of stuff!

The kitchen, looking back toward the balcony, front toward the front door of the apartment, and coming out of the living room at my kitchen table, which is usually covered with papers. That giant dog is Kenji’s.

Lastly, the living room which is also a bedroom. It is covered in only one futon now, but at the time there were two. Crowded a bit with two in there!

And I wont post many pics of the new house until we are all moved in, but I do have to share the Wallpaper Fiasco with everyone.

When we first went to see the house, the wallpaper looked like this:

I mean, it isn’t bad, it just looks old, and like it would go perfectly with shag carpeting. I like brown, but I didn’t like the pattern, and it was covering everything that wasn’t a room, since the rooms all had different paper. (Literally; every one was different!) So we asked if it would be possible to change the wallpaper when we moved in. “Sure!” they said, so we also asked for white, off-white, beige, something like that. Just a plain color to brighten the space.

This is what we got:

I think I physically recoiled from it. The wallpaper… isn’t THAT ugly. It is actually nice quality, and as an accent somewhere (Versailles?) it might be okay. But covering EVERY wall in every hallway and overhang, all the way up the stairs? God no. It was terrible.

We were a little upset with it, since we had specifically said we wanted, you know, white, so they agreed to change the wallpaper again. Actually, we chose the new one together, since they didn’t want something “plain” and we didn’t want something “not-plain”. We managed to compromise, and now it looks SO MUCH BETTER!

Ahhhhhh. See, now that is what a hallway should look like! Anyway, the house looks pretty good now, and we move in this weekend (t-minus 3 days!) so I’m really excited.

And one more random picture from the first day we looked at the house:

This room also recieved the new white wallpaper, and will become my room!