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Wow, long time no post! The problem with waiting so long is I forget what I wanted to talk about, and what happened… but I have to post SOMETHING, so I guess I’ll just make it up as I go along! Luckily the pictures help…

Anyway, June towards the end was busy with packing and moving, and July hectic with new house stuff, but before I post pictures of the house I want to catch up on all the random stuff I have pictures of, so here we go!

Karaoke! Okay, that is not karaoke, that is a Costco hot dog. These are coveted guys, and Brandt and Mizuki were nice enough to get Kenji and I ones when they went to costco that day. They were cold, but we didn’t care!

These are views from our roof at the house in Shinmachi… it is a pretty day, but not sure why I included these…


Rainy days during tsuyu… I think this was one of my last days at Higashi. This is a tiny little shortcut I found like a week before school ended -_-;

Tanabata festival in Shinmachi. Tiny, but nice!

The decorations were awesome and huge. So big in fact that that truck in the second picture couldn’t go through and had to go around!

Taiko! Some pics of Brandt and Scott here

The first I just liked, the second is all the gaijin now part of the group!

Two videos. I could listen to taiko ALL DAY and never be bored.

Moving day! First pic from the fourth story of our apartment at the full trucks with our stuff, and the second enjoying pizza and beer at the new house!

So as me and Mizuki returned from getting food and drinks (courtesy of our BOE and Kawata-sensei, how awesome was that?!), we saw a newly-opened 7/11 with Yuuma-chan. So of course we had to get stuff from 7/11 as an excuse for a picture!

That was a fun, if tiring, day.

Last, new rice fields and tadpoles!