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Monday was a holiday and day off of work, so we went to the Tanbara Lavender Fields to see some flowers! Tambara is famous for being a Lavender Park in summer, and a skiing place in winter. I enjoy going there in all seasons! It was a beautiful day, and on the way we stopped for lunch at a fun place that allows you to catch your own fish to cook! We didn’t have time for that, but it sounded like fun for another time.

The roadside restaurant

Whose specialty was, of course, grilled fish from the stream… yum!

Udon and fish

Getting to the park, and as promised there were tons of flowers in bloom! Since Tanbara is a ski resort in the winter, so you could take a lift up to the flower area, but we chose to walk since the day was nice. About half of the lavender was in bloom.

We walked among the fields and took tons of pictures, enjoying the flowers and the day!

There was this heavenly live music playing in one area… I just relaxed on a bench, closed my eyes, and dreamed. SOOOO NICE!

After awhile we decided we were parched, and went down the hill to get lavender ice cream. I got a mixed vanilla and lavender, but I wish I’d gone for the full lavender flavor… it was really good!

Last but not least, we headed to a craft area to buy a few gifts, and try some lavender ramune, which was also delicious! I wish we’d thought to bring some home!

Tired but happy, we drove to the big Aeon mall in Takasaki since I wanted to go yukata shopping before fujimatsu. I found a TON of awesome yukata, but finally decided on one! Poor Kenji, he doesn’t go shopping with me often… he told me “I thought you’d take 20 minutes! How long could it take?!” *shakes head* I supposed I should have warned him! But I think it was worth it!

Yukata and Obi

Geta and hair accessory

And the fastest kitsuke ever because BOY WAS IT HOT!