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Random stuff:

A party for when we got back, at Genki Maru close to our house and the station

And a birthday party for Kenji at our house!

Ono Chugakkou, my new school. It has a very different layout from the other schools in the city, plus the traditional tiled roof!

I began Koto lessons every other Tuesday, so we went to Maebashi with my teacher to pick out my tsume (finger picks) and a cute box for them. I borrowed a koto from Kyoko-sensei to practice on as well.

Basketball one night, the cutest kid in the world

Naka-Pi’s birthday another night,

And getting the ball stuck up on the ceiling hoop. Great job guys!

Takasaki Beer Garden with Kyoko-sensei and family. It was so nice to go again!


And of course we all had to try on the devil bowling pin costume… ah, Round One.

Ramen and UFO catcher spoils at the mall one day.

Ono Shogakkou kids, every other Friday

Sashimi at Ippai, the izakaya across the street from our house

And some landscape views.