We managed to make it to the Candle Festival this year, at the Takasaki Kannon! I went two years ago (you can find the post here), but didn’t make it back in time to go last year. Or forgot about it or something. But we made it this year, and BOY has it gotten a lot bigger!

Unfortunately, per usual my point and shoot doesn’t take as good night pictures as Kenji’s camera does, so I’ll have to get some better ones from him to post later. Meanwhile, here are mine:

First off, I wore my new fishy yukata. I was one of the few people in yukata there, and some Chinese tourists asked to take my picture at one point. This picture is me trying it on when I bought it; I’ll have to get an actual picture of that night from Kenji!

The parking lot from two years ago had been turned into a candle maze, with food stalls and even bands/music playing. No wonder we couldn’t figure out where to park!

Another picture of that, before we headed up to the Kannon proper

More candles and the Kannon. It was pitch black by the time we got there, so the pictures are blurry and washed out.

But we got to go up into the shoulders again to see the view and all the statues!

And visited the temple before leaving to try and beat the crowds. Because, again, MAN there were a ton of people!

It must have just… jumped in popularity during the two years I’ve been here, because I couldn’t believe the difference lol But we know better now to get there early!