Finally, finally, I will post pictures of the new house we moved into waaaaay back in July!

So I did post a few pictures of the old wallpaper(s), plus what the new one looks like, as well as actual moving day pictures, but now we’ll go on a tour! Yay!

So here we have the genkan, the entrance way of the house where you leave your shoes. It is up on the second floor, the entire first being the garage.

Turning left has you going to the living room, with its full bar counter.

Middle room is the kitchen

And the right room is ajoined to the laundry hanging room so you can dry your clothes inside. Hence all the laundry. This room isn’t used for much; right now I practice my koto, and play DDR there.

On the other side of this room is our bathroom and toilet areas.

Then you go up the red stairs to the third floor!

Once again going left, this is my room

Then down the hall to the middle room, which we use as a giant closet room, and finally into Kenji’s room which I just realized I don’t have a picture for. His room is done in Japanese style, with green walls and wood accents.

Then the third floor’s toilet and sink area, and the storage room.

Finally up the last set of steps to the roof…

Where we have our own shrine.

So! That’s the house! The front isn’t much to look at, just a big white building. But it works, it is cheap, and very close to the station.