I haven’t gotten a chance to get to my “class” much, as everyone is very busy this fall, but I did get a chance last month to go! Kenji and I had gone with Scott to a fun flea market one early Sunday, and had met one of my kimono teachers, Kanda-sensei, there unexpectedly! She helped me pick out a new obi or two, then organized a date I could come practice. I also brought my new hakama and ko-furisode to try on.

Putting on the hakama

My hakama and ko-furisode. Unfortunately, the hakama is a tiny bit too short (according to my teachers), so I need to let the hem down a bit. Luckily that is easily fixed, and then I plan to wear it to Ono’s graduation in March!

Serving tea, with a cute apron for kimono!

My new michiyuki, or rain coat, also bought at the flea market along with two kimono jackets called haori

and the new obi

Hopefully will get more chances for kimono this year!