Woo, update!

September 22nd was my school’s Track and Field Day, and despite the weather (finally!) getting steadily cooler, that day was back to summer heat. Of course the NEXT day it got all nice and cool. Thanks, weather! Anyway, despite the heat, it was a nice day for it!

The principal giving a speech in the morning for the starting ceremony

Student leaders in front, and the rest of the student body. Pretty small compared to my last school!

Stretching together


Banners for each of the 7th grade classes

9th grade scoreboard

While things were warming up and getting started, I took the opportunity to take some pictures around the school. Ono is a bit different than the other Fujioka schools, and by default other Japanese schools since most follow the same layout. Ono also has a traditional tile roof, whereas the other schools have no roofs. It also has a great view of the mountains surrounding the prefecture, which I am happy about… I missed that about Nishi when I was at Higashi!

School entrance way

Signs/work displayed in the hallways

Some views from the 3rd floor

Anyway, back to the track meet:

First up was hurdles, shot put, and the bar jump going on pretty much simultaneously. Each year was split by class, then further into girls and boys competing against each other, then the classes competed against each other, and finally the years.

Student announcers kept an eye on what was going on, and as an event ended, results were brought to these teachers to be saved. As winners started cropping up, they also made the certificates to present to them.

At some point, only one 9th grade boy was left for the high jump. It got pretty exciting!

Once those events were done, there was a lunch break, the we started the running competitions.

I didn’t get too many pictures, because I was too busy cheering… these were the most exciting!

Finally all the events were finished, and with the ending ceremony over and awards given, the students were then free to clean up and go home!

After pictures, of course!

And then that night was the English Teacher’s Enkai.