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The next weekend, Kenji wanted to go visit his Grandmother in Kanagawa, so we drove down Saturday so he could visit. While he saw her, I hung around the main area of Hadano and studied a bit until he was done, since the visit was just a short one. On the way home, we decided to stop by the Fuji Q theme park. It was a bit chilly and cloudy, but on nice days you can actually see Mt. Fuji from the park. At the top of the roller coaster we rode we did get to see it. The lines were super long so we only really rode the one roller coaster, but it was worth the wait for the one!

Sun trying to peak through while we drove there

The park, and the coaster we rode.

Part of the reason the visit was so short was that I had to be back for my school’s annual bazaar on Sunday. The kids set up everything, and sell food and donated goods. It is a huge event!

Setting up and the mom’s making onigiri

Inside the gym was the bazaar proper, and kids mixing curry powder packets

Bake sale kids, and receiving cooked chips from upstairs

I was helping cook upstairs so I didn’t get many pictures of the day at all. Afterward, the kids and teachers could grab some of the unsold stuff, so I found a few pre-tied obi to take home!

Two of the five I got