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We had several Halloween events this year.

First was the ECC party, 4 hours of food and games. I manned the art&craft table to make a Halloween frame, while Kenji tok care of the quiz station and Scott some sort of throwing game. It was pretty exhausting, but fun!

We also helped out with the party at English Garden, but I don’t have many pictures from that.

Then there were the classes at school:

My awesome English Board letters at school!

6th grade classes making their Halloween posters

Drawing, coloring, and glueing

The 3 classes boards

Some of the cutest drawings!

Did the same thing for my second class with my ichinensei. I actually got two whole Halloween classes this year, so the first one I did vocab/bingo/wordsearch, and the second was the Halloween poster.

I think they enjoyed it!

The ghost of Hello Kitty *lol*

Last was Halloween with my Doctor’s kids. They were all so cute dressed up!

We did bingo and a mini-poster, among other things!

All in all it was a fun Halloween!