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One weekend in October we went to a famous onsen town in Gunma called Ikaho. One of the reasons it is famous is that the old part of town consists of a long staircase up the side of a mountain, with all the onsen and shops and restaurants lining it. It is a bit of a walk, but really gorgeous scenery!

We started out at my favorite ramen shop, Barikiya, in Takasaki before heading out to Ikaho

We stopped here for some yummy ice cream before heading to the Trick Museum, the main reason for the trip. This place is huge, so we didn’t go in, just got a snack before heading out.

The Trick Museum and some of the animals they had there. The museum was really pretty awesome!

A video to see what I mean… these kinds of illusions were the highlight of the day. So neat!

Defying gravity with Kenny!

Tea anyone?

Don’t look!

Brandt trying to steal the Mona Lisa

The mountains around Ikaho on our way to the main area.

Looking down the start of the staircase

And here we go up! Many people were in traditional yukata from their onsen hotels.

A bit hard to tell, but the onsen water actually runs UNDER the staircase!

Awww! Brandt&Mizuki being cute!

Sake and Brandt

Ikaho song on the stairs

After exploring, we found a place to take a bath and relax, and then happily headed home!