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In between all the Halloween stuff, when Kenny was still visiting Brandt, the 5 of us went to Kanna-no-yu onsen. I started having an “English Circle” there, so everyone got the “VIP treatment” as the manager, Hayashi-san, likes to say. We were eating lunch when he came by to give us tickets to get free ice cream and also the “doctor fish” treatment.

Now, it has been getting more popular in the US, but just in case you are scratching your head asking “what is doctor fish!?” well, I’ll tell you.

Basically, you stick a body part in a tank full of fish and they nibble all the dead skin off you. Yeah, it sounds like a terrible life, doesn’t it? But the fish apparently really like it, and so it has gained popularity around the world, and our onsen happened to give us the opportunity to try it.

Eating, and our free tickets

Brandt being creepy trying to take a group picture, and a cute kitty outside the window!

Right, so, Doctor Fish. Here are Kenny, Mizuki, and Brandt going. The wait just increases the apprehension.

…yeah. Not my favorite thing.

No really, watch the video. It feels weeeeeiiiiiirrrrrdddd!

Anyway, after doing the fish thing, we did the whole onsen thing, then went home since Kenji and I had a party to attend that night.

It was actually supposed to be a Tsukimi (moon watching) party with the full moon but, uh, I don’t think anyone actually looked at the moon lol


And various performances!

And that was it!