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One of my favorite events of the year, Tokyo Design Festa is an awesome event held in Odaiba, Tokyo, where artists of all kinds can rent a booth and sell/display their wares. It is a great place to find up-and-coming artists and get cheap art, foreign food, and any sort of clothes and accessories you can think of!

We decided to spend the weekend in Tokyo to hang around as well as meet a friend of Kenji’s, Naomi. Design Festa we decided to do Sunday, and met some friends there as well!

Ueno park lake and ducks

Never noticed, but the shrine in the middle of the lake is a music shrine… here we have a koto, and you can see the biwa statue on the building!

Tokyo Sky Tree, still unfinished

We went to Naomi’s house before heading to our hotel, and met Kuro-chan, her adorable kitty who really liked Kenji’s lap!

Design Festa the next morning


Of course, we had to get our kebabs… twice! The guys know us by now, lol!

And I bought another Orient io watch. Ahhh.

I really haven’t been taking many pictures lately; I’ve pretty much left that to Kenji, except I keep forgetting to actually GET his pictures from him to post! One day…