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On January 19th we went to the house of a friend of ours who always helps us with our calligraphy every year. Kakizome is the first calligraphy of the year, and is traditionally done at all the elementary and middle schools, then is shown in town at a special exhibition. We had missed the cutoff date for that because we couldn’t all agree on a time, but decided to do it anyway just for fun.

Kenji starting

What mine should look like on the left, and what it actually does look like on the right -_-

Brandt’s amazingly complicated piece

Kenji and his weird face lol

And the finished products. Mine is on the right, and says “Shinsetsu no Tenchi” which basically means something like, with the first snow, heaven and earth look the same (since everything is white). Or you can interpret it as with new snow, things are wiped clean (footprints, etc) and so you can’t tell the difference between heaven and earth.

Or something like that.

The next weekend we headed off to Kagura with Brandt, Mizuki, and some other friends, for some more snowboarding. I forgot how much I disliked Kagura, however, so after a bit of boarding I just started goofing off. Mizuki joined me, and we wasted awhile just messing around in the snow. But we had fun!

The drive there was pretty gloomy and snowy, but luckily it wasn’t too bad on the mountain.

Curry for lunch, a traditional favorite!

Mizuki and tabasco

This is what I meant by goofing off…

You can just see Mizuki’s head in her own little fort. Then they got destroyed, when all the boys came back.

Unfortunately, near the end of the day, Kenji fell and hurt himself. It wasn’t bad at first, but within a week he was having trouble walking and in a lot of pain, so we went to the doctor, who said he had a torn muscle. That meant he needed to rest and bandage it, and no snowboarding for at LEAST three weeks while it healed. Luckily, he is just fine and it is healing nicely, but he grumbles about missing the good snow!