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Once Kenji’s leg healed, we headed up to a popular Gunma area called Minakami for snowboarding with one of Kenji’s and My ex teachers. We had promised him last year to go snowboarding together, but didn’t get a chance. Finally we were able to go!

All together! He is getting a new car, so it was his last picture with the old one lol

Me and Kenji

A giant snow Gunma-chan, Gunma’s horse mascot. Its former name is Yuuma-chan, so I usually call it that in previous posts.

Sledding! Ohhh, I wanna try!

The onsen afterward, which had an outdoor and mixed bathing area, my first experience with that.

To get to the mixed baths, you walk down a long hallway filled with a RIDICULOUS amount of junk.

And bears.

And then you finally get to the changing area, but not before you see some nice views of the Tone river!

With mixed bathing, everyone has the small modesty towel, but there is a women-only bath, and in all the baths women can wear a big bath towel to cover them completely if they want to. So if you don’t want anybody to see anything, that is possible! Some people just didn’t care though lol!

Anyway, it was a pretty uneventful day, and we took it easy as much a we could. My snowboard’s bindings were giving me trouble so I’m going to have to fix them before we go out next, but nothing actually unsafe, just generally annoying. The onsen was nice, and after we went to a pasta restaurant. Kenji’s food was great, my pizza was awful, to which Kenji said “what did you expect, you ordered pizza in a pasta restaurant” to which I replied, “well, if it is on the menu you’d think they’d, y’know, try to make it edible“… but beyond that overall it was a nice day!